Stop it God. - 12" Vinyl Record

Stop it God. - 12" Vinyl Record

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“Stop it God.”, the second full length album by Zuli Jr., is an allegory of the self. The version we stare at day after day in the mirror vs. the version we upload online. A Reflection on the creative being within us all, and the modern world that leads us to believe we are at the center of it.  Addressing the pain and confusion of this reality, Zuli touches on the spectrum of what we put our faith into, and how we choose to cope and find meaning in our lives. Ultimately, Stop it God. plays as a deliberate statement on the human condition, yet open ended and up for interpretation. 


  • Pressed on 180 gram transparent blue vinyl.
  • Limited to 300 copies.


1. Out of The Blue
2. How to Feel
3. Daily Routine
4. Her Manner 
5. Monolith
6. Felt Dreaming
7. Two
8. Drool Baby
9. Blue Sky
10. My Madonna
11. Daisy
12. Find My Way

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